XL³ 6300 enclosures

Fully modular, XL³ 6300 enclosure can be equipped with DMX³ air circuit breakers up to 6300 A.



  • XL³ 6300 enclosure equipped with DMX³ ACB 

XL³ 6300 enclosures

XL³ 6300 enclosures consist of the combination of a "roof-base" assembly, structural uprights, rear and side panels Can be used for main distribution boards up to 6300 A.

The range offers an unique height end width for three different depths:
- external height: 2200 mm
- width: 1425 mm
- depths : 475 mm, 725 mm and 975 mm
- protection index: IP 30

Can be joined together with XL³ 4000 enclosures.

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