Modular devices

Legrand has a complete range of modular devices for adding to the functions to be installed in the electrical panel.



Pulse operated latching relays

  • Single pole 230 V~


  • Multi-function timers

Available in the following versions:
- Single pole 16 A 250 V~
- 2-pole 16 A 250 V~ 
- 4-pole 16 A 400 V~ 

Have space for inserting the supply busbar. 

For switching on a lighting circuit for a defined length of time.

Have space for inserting the supply busbar. Self-protection if the pushbutton is jammed.



  • Power contactors

Time delay relays

  • Motor starter time delay relay

Programmable time switches

  • Digital time switch

Available in power contactor version with 24 V~  and 230 V~  coil

Have space for inserting the supply busbar.

For controlling the switching devices (lighting, electronic control box, signalling) on/off according to a preset period from 0.1 s to 100 h. Available in the following versions: on delay, off delay, flashing, motor starter, delay on closing, delay on power-up, multi-function.

For switching electrical circuits (heating, lighting) on and off at selected times over a programmed period of time.

Available in the following versions:_
- Digital time switches: with temporary or permanent override. Have space for inserting the supply busbar._
- Analogue time switches


Light sensitive switches

  • Single function light sensitive switch

Remote control dimmers

  • Remote control dimmer for fluorescent sources with electronic ballast

For switching a lighting circuit on and off according to the light level: nightfall, dawn. Supplied with photoelectric cell housed in an IP55 weatherproof Plexo box. Available in single function, pre-programmed and programmable versions.

Available for:
- Incandescent loads_
- Fluorescent sources with electronic ballast