My home intruder alarms and detection devices

The security home automation functions are integrated totally in the My Home system.
The intruder alarms and detection devices communicate with the alarm unit using the BUS/SCS.


  • Transmitter keypad
    control unit

  • Intruder alarm.
  • This is fitted with a keypad, card reader and screen for configuring and activating or deactivating the alarm. Able to store events in the memory for monitoring the system history. Connected to an STN telephone line it can be used to:

    - send an alert to voicemail if the alarm is activated
    - activate or deactivate the alarm remotely using scenarios that can be launched automatically when the alarm sets off or stops.

    Up to 72 detectors can be used in conjunction with the control unit.

    Card key fob

    For activating and deactivating the alarm

  • Detectors

  • ir and MW detector
  • Presence detectors

    The infrared detector with adjustable head and detection range of between 0 to 105° is used to protect the space in a room via the detection of the movement of heat. In addition to the infrared, the dual-technology detector uses a microwave sensor to reduce false tripping.

    Peripheral opening detectors

    These are connected to the opening detector interface. They are used to detect openings such as garage doors and windows, etc. Three types of magnetic opening detectors are available: - surface mounted, consisting of a spring blade switch to be fixed on the door frame and a mobile magnet fixed on the door leaf - flush mounted for monitoring non-magnetic doors.
    - for a garage door, consists of one foot to be fixed on the floor and a magnet to be fixed on the door.

    Glass break detector

    This provides detection over a 1.5m radius. It has ultrasonic detection created by the glass breaking. Fixed on the pane through sticking with an adhesive supplied with the detector.

    Tread mat

    This is installed under the object to be protected or under the carpet and the mat placed on the access way.