XL³-N 250 distribution boards

A comprehensive and reliable range of distribution boards up to 250 A, for successful site management, using just 30 catalogue numbers …



XL³ -N 250 enclosures provide the convenience of a comprehensive range with a minimum of catalogue numbers to meet the efficiency needs of any professional. Ideal for both commercial and residential environments, they are easy to use, combining easy assembly with great configuration flexibility thanks to their fixing kits and modular fittings.



  • XL³ N 250 enclosure equipped with DRX MCCBs and DX MCBs

3-phase distribution boards for DIN-rail mounting circuit breakers.
IP 40 - IK 08 with door
Conform to standard IEC 61439-3
Type tested; ASTA certified
Maximum voltage 480V ~

Supplied with:
- surface or flush-mounting box,
- reversible door with handle,
- faceplate,
- fully isolated tin plated copper busbar,
- earth and neutral distribution terminal blocks.

Three size of fixing kits for the main circuit breakers:
- for DIN-rail mounting circuit-breakers up to 63 A
- for DRX 100 MCCBs
- for DRX 250 MCCBs.

XL³-N 250

Distribution cabinets
and enclosures



  • XL³ N 250 surface mounting enclosures
  • XL³ N 250 flush-mounting enclosures
  • Fully isolated tin plated copper busbar

An impeccable finish for this new range of distribution boards.
Made entirely of metal, they combine smooth corners with easier handling thanks to the reversible doors and easier cable access.
Up to 8 sizes of enclosure to meet the full range of requirements.

Holes for ventilation and labelling system of the terminals for phase identification. Terminal shields for outputs not in use.