My home lighting controls

The My Home automation system provides maximum convenience with complete management of the installation using advanced control interfaces.


  • Traditional controls

  • The basic version allows users to use 1 or 2 controllers for lighting or roller shutters.
    The multifunction version has additional functions such as a sound system, electric door release control, gradual on and off dimmer, etc.

  • Touch controls

  • These are used to switch the light on and off or to dim it via a simple touch-sensitive glass surface.
    Available in 2 finishes:
    black and white, they provide the same functionalities as traditional controls.

  • 1''2 touch screen

  • Depending on the programming selected this allows lighting, roller shutters, a sound system or the different scenarios to be controlled.
    The functions allocated to it are displayed on its LCD screen.

  • Lighting controllers

  • Installed in the consumer unit these receive controls via the BUS/SCS and act directly on loading.
    They are available in ON/OFF version (1, 2 or 4 types) and with a variable control switch for all lighting types


Radio / Zigbee® controls

  • The individual receiver/transmitter controls are directly connected to the lighting points.
    They can take commands from another individual or centralised Radio/ZigBee control and send commands themselves.
    The centralised controls do not require any wiring. The radio controls can take a touch plate instead of the standard Arteor plate.