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When high-tech home automation brings life to the convergence of all the intelligent systems in the home…


  • 10'' touchscreen
  • House management systems

  • Centralised, local or remote management of all My Home automation functions via user-friendly and innovative control interfaces.

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  • Different kind of control units
  • Transmitter keypad control unit
  • Safety

  • The security home automation functions are integrated totally in the My Home system.
    The intruder alarms and detection devices communicate with the alarm unit using the BUS/SCS.

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  • Video / Audio door entry system
  • Access control

  • Used for welcoming visitors and to control access to the house with total security. Linked to the scenarios, they can for example control outside lighting for welcoming guests.

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  • 3.5" touchscreen
  • Energy saving

  • These allow the consumption of electricity, water and gas to be monitored on one single screen.

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