High efficiency power transformers

EdM Zuccini cast resin transformers are used in a vast range of applications and represent the most reliable answer for distribution systems, energy co-generation, rectification, traction and for special needs up to 20000 kVA.



The standard range of distribution transformers is available from 100 to 3150 kVA and the custom made range for special applications covers a rated power up to 20000 kVA



  • Cast resin transformer

The EDM Zucchini high-quality cast resin transformer are the ideal choice for all needs thanks to their different advantages:
- total safety for the customer,
guaranteed by the total absence of combustible products,
- maximum environmental protection, thanks to the absence of polluting and flammable insulating liquids,
- energy saving, with the exclusive “reduced loss” range.

Unlike the oil solution, a cast resin transformer does not require additional building structures, thus guaranteeing the maximum flexibility straight from the beginning of the installation.

  • A vehicle driven 2 000 km generates the equivalent of 100 kg of CO2 (average value given for information, varies according to weight, engine capacity and power mode.



  • Ventilation bar
  • Surge suppressors
  • Tests

State of the art manufacturing processes guarantee long lasting quality. Standard options for protection and temperature management are used according to specific installation needs.

Zucchini High Power Catalogue

Zucchini transformers have been designed, manufactured and tested according to the main national and international standards