A complete range of MCCBs for all requirements from 16 to 1600 A



  • DPX³ 16 A and 160 A MCCBs

DPX³ from 16 A to 250 A – Plate or DIN rail mounting

2 sizes of unit: DPX³ 160 and DPX³ 250
5 breaking capacities: 16, 25, 36, 50 and 70 kA

Thermal-magnetic protection across the whole of the DPX³ range and electronic version available on DPX³ 250

MCCB only, with residual current protection or with integrated measurement.

Available in a plug-in version using mounting bases

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    • DPX 250 A and 1600 A MCCBs

    DPX from 40 A to 1600 A – Plate mounting

    3 sizes of unit: DPX 250, DPX 630 and DPX 1250/1600

    3 breaking capacities: 36, 50 and 70 kA

    Thermal-magnetic protection up to 1250 A and electronic protection available across the whole of the DPX range

    MCCB only, or with add-on module or residual current relay and cores according to the rating.

    Available in plug-in or draw-out versions using mounting bases and "debro-lift" mechanisms

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      • DPX³ presentation video
      • New DPX³ moulded case circuit breakers from 16 to 250 A
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